The Onyx Book Chateau Gives The Sister Queens 4 1/2 Stars!

I am very pleased to add another super review to The Sister Queens’ collection!  With over thirty positive reviews now in, I am grateful for and humbled by this embarrassment of riches.

The latest praise comes from Onyx Book Chateau where Kyrsta gave the book 4 ½ stars and had this to say:

I absolutely adored this book! It was a fully engaging novel and remarkably relatable – I could totally imagine these two sisters carrying out a relationship through letters throughout their lives as rival queens.”

She had particular praise for the dialogue which she said was:

written effortlessly as it flowed in a natural way, it never felt forced or fake.

As for who should read the book, Kyrsta would:

recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of historical fiction and especially to those of you out there who have a sister – I saw so much of my sister’s and my relationship in these pages (I saw myself being Marguerite and my sister as Eleanor) and I was able to reflect upon our own relationship.”

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