Book Clubs

Invite Me To Your Book Club: I am always delighted when a book club or reading group selects one of my novels for discussion! My schedule permitting, I will be a part of your book club meeting should you choose to invite me.  This is your chance to ask me about the history behind my books, how and why I write, what happens next in the lives of my characters, or anything else that interests you about the creation of one of my novels and/or its themes.

Generally, it is easiest for me to attend book clubs “virtually” via Skype or speaker-phone.  If you are located in the Washington DC metropolitan area, however, it may be possible for me to attend in person.

Practical Matters: I estimate chats/visits will last thirty minutes to an hour.  I will gladly sign books (at in-person meetings) or send along signed bookplates for group members in the case of a virtual chat (send me the names of those requesting plates, and one mailing address where they can all be sent).  As I don’t charge any fee for my time, I do ask that the members of your club buy my book before inviting me to discuss it.

Please suggest more than one time for our chat/visit as the more dates you provide, the easier it will be to schedule a virtual or real author visit. To explore the possibility of a book club visit (virtual or live), please use the contact form, and I’ll be in touch, usually within 72 hours.

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