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Welcome fellow writers. Below you will find some of my favorite “virtual world” resources for ink-stained wretches. Enjoy!

The Debutante Ball Each year since 2007 five new debut writers take over this blog and skip, stumble and sprint through the pleasures and perils of releasing a first novel.

Writer Unboxed This more than decade old blog is interested in empowering writers and offering robust discussions of provocative ideas about the craft and business of fiction. It hosts more than 50 contributors, including bestselling authors and industry professionals.

From the Write Angle This archive for a group blog I was proud to be a founding member of provides a rich reserve of writerly advice and information. From the Write Angle operated on the premise that writers learn best from those just a hair’s breadth ahead of them in the publishing process. The posts in the archive are as unique and varied as its many contributors.

Book Pregnant Another rich cache of archived posts, this time focusing exclusively on the journey to first publication. Twenty debut writers (myself included) came together to offer advice for those on the publication trail. Lots of humor and honesty about everything thing that happens in the months between signing a book contract and coming home from your launch party with a new-born novel to promote.

Agent Query one of the best websites for writers –don’t just take my word for it, Writer’s Digest has designated them as such multiple years running.

A Writer of History focuses on the reading, writing and researching of historical fiction.

Jane Friedman is a columnist for Publishers Weekly and the consummate industry professional with 20 years of experience in publishing.

Helping Writers Become Authors Award winning and internationally published K.M. Weiland writes historical and speculative fiction. She is also the author of the bestselling Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel. Her website packs a lot of “how to” punch.

Nathan Bransford former literary agent, current author and source of industry information extraordinaire.

Pub Rants agent Kristin Nelson’s inside view of industry trends, querying and the like.

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