Forget Fifty Shades of a Certain Dark Color—How About Fifteen Reasons to Read The Sister Queens

On the fence about The Sister Queens?  Looking for a little persuasion—a reason to add it to your “To Be Read” pile?  Well, I am about to give you fifteen.

You see I keep a list of comments from reviewers—comments that rocked my world.  And I noticed the other day that, with the 4 month anniversary of its release just around the corner, my novel has received in excess of three dozen really super reviews from bloggers and book-related publications.  That’s not counting the more than one-hundred readers who have taken the time to write reviews for it at either Goodreads or Amazon.

So, at the risk of tooting my own horn most unbecomingly, I’ve decided to share a compendium of my favorite quotes grouped to support fifteen excellent reasons for any reader to take notice of The Sister Queens:

#1:  The Sister Queens is amazing—don’t take my word for it (I am a little partial), it has received a staggering amount of good reviews:

“This is the must read novel of the summer for anyone with a passion for historical fiction.” (Fresh Fiction)

THE SISTER QUEENS is probably my first Perfect 10 in well over a year—but it certainly merits at least that.(Romance Reviews Today)

“Word on the street (rather, consensus among historical fiction bloggers) is that this is an author to watch whose book is a page-turner, fast-paced, emotional, passionate, well-written and carefully researched.” (School Library Journal)

“Historical fiction lovers rejoice! A new and true talent has arrived on the scene!” (Let Them Read Books)

The Sister Queens is an amazing debut novel. Telling a story about history in a way that only the best historical fiction does.” (The True Book Addict)

I’ll be recommending this to everyone I know who loves historical fiction and putting this author on my “buy immediately” list for her future releases” (Bippity Boppity Book)

The Sister Queens is historic fiction at its absolute finest. I simply cannot wait to see what this author does next. She’s already won herself a spot on my list of favorite authors. In all of its colorful prose, deep and eccentric characters, and historical brilliance, this book can be summed up with one word: phenomenal. Brava!” (The Tulsa Book Review)

“In short, an excellent work of historical fiction . . . . Certainly the best I’ve read this year set in the Middle Ages. Highly recommended.” (Medieval Bookworm)

“This is one of the few historical fiction stories that I’ve read lately that I would consider a page-turner(Debbie’s Book Bag)

#2:  The story has it ALL:  Whatever you like in your historical fiction you are going to find it in the pages of The Sister Queens, a novel that spans 40 years and locations including England, France, Provence, Cyprus & the Holy Land.

“The Sister Queens has it all… court life, balls, rivalry, politics, love and lust; with the added element of it seeming so real to the reader as though watching a film.” (Peeking Between the Pages)

“This is an excellent slice of an extremely interesting period of time. We get the politics and social aspects of not one but two countries (always a bonus!) as well as in the latter part of the book, Louis’ crusade to the Holy Land.” (The Broke and the Bookish)

 #3  Rumor has it I can actually write:

“Sophie Perinot’s writing style is simple and honest and all the more eloquent for it.” (Let Them Read Books)

“I hope that Ms. Perinot is considering further books on unsung women in history as she does have a magical way with words. A way that brings long dead characters to very real life.” (Broken Teepee)

“I couldn’t believe that this is Sophie’s first book. It reads like it’s written by someone with years of writing experience and dozens of novels under their belt.” (Book Drunkard)

 “. . . this is a novel that I quickly lost myself in. It was written beautifully and Perinot does an amazing job of bringing these two characters to life.” (The Owl Bookmark)

Perinot’s writing is almost flawless, and she brings to rich life characters who lived more than 600 years ago, no small feat.” (Briar Patch Books)

Perinot is a great writer and I’m anxious to see what other books she comes out with in the future” (A Bookish Affair)

#4  So I am getting compared to some pretty well-known historical novelists (and I am both flattered and grateful):

“Fans of Philippa Gregory and Carolly Erickson will want to add this author to their collection.”  (Joplin Loves 2 Read)

“I was reminded of one of my favorite historical fiction authors, Sharon Kay Penman. (Although Ms. Perinot’s style is deliciously more sexy :)” (Let Them Read Books)

“. . . Perinot’s writing style reminds me of my revered Jean Plaidy—that is high braise indeed from this reader. ( Continue reading Forget Fifty Shades of a Certain Dark Color—How About Fifteen Reasons to Read The Sister Queens

Happy Three-Week Birthday to The Sister Queens!

I am celebrating the three-week anniversary of  my novel’s release with the help of Michelle at The True Book Addict.  Michelle is hosting a birthday giveaway.  A 500 page book – now THAT’S a party favor.

And Michelle had a present for me as well.  There is no better gift (three-week birthday or other) for an author than a good review, and The True Book Addict gives The Sister Queens a very good review indeed, remarking that:  

Good historical fiction will incite the reader to investigate the historical figures coming alive in its pages.  The Sister Queens is one such book.

(a sentiment I share – in fact, this is one of the reasons I, myself, love reading and writing historical fiction!)

Praising the insight with which the sister-relationship at the heart of the book is portrayed, Michelle says:

What is interesting in their story is how both queens learned to take on the traits of the other’s personality to help them to smoothly navigate their royal marriages and lives.  It takes intricate knowledge of the relationship between sisters to be able to portray that this is indeed what sisters do.

She concludes:

this book belongs on the shelf of anyone who loves the genre, and even those who are not regular readers of historical novels.

So what are you waiting for?  Head to The True Book Addict and enter to win a copy.

Calling All New England Sister Queens Spotters

My map of the USA is filling up (and so is my collage) as kind friends and readers snap and send pictures of The Sister Queens from various locations around the nation.  New York leads the tally with pictures from all over the state (but oddly not Manhattan, publishing central).  I have photos of The Sister Queens with adorable children, crazy friends, B&N workers, and even with a Tennessee spring field in the background.  Thanks to all the spotters who have contacted me so far.

I am eager to finish up New England.  So, I am going to make things a little interesting.  I have these lovely bookplates (which I distribute to book clubs I visit virtually) and I will sign and send one each to the first people to spot, snap and send photographs of The Sister Queens from Maine ,Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Just post a comment below letting me know you’ve spotted The Sister Queens (and where) or use the contact form here at the website.  I’ll let you know how to get your photo to me and you can let me know where you want your bookplate mailed.

Gifts My Sister Gave Me – Part II: The Giveaway

A sister is a gift.  Whether she is the mirror allowing us to see ourselves clearly when we’ve imagined we are somebody we are not, or whether she is a cautionary tale whose mistakes we act to avoid, our sisters shape us in profound ways.

Last week I shared how my sister gave me the gift of reinvention – reinvention as a writer.  Today, I am interested in hearing about your sister – specifically I want to know what positive gift or gifts she has given you.  I don’t mean that cashmere sweater she sent you for Christmas.  I want to know the good stuff — how she made you the person you are today, opened your eyes to something you might not have seen, or otherwise shaped you for the better.  The floor (or rather the comments section) is open.

And, in celebration of the fact that my novel, The Sister Queens, makes its debut one month from today I am going to make the sharing fun.  I will select two individuals from among those posting their comments (about their sister–see above) to this blog by midnight February 12th  and send each of them TWO (2) signed “advance-reader “copies of The Sister Queensone for themselves and one for their sister.  That means the winners will have  galleys of  The Sister Queens before anyone can purchase the novel.

Check this comment thread Monday, February 13th (one week from today) for names of the winners and instructions for those lucky two.  Bonne chance!

For The First Time Ever You Can WIN a Copy of The Sister Queens

I am pleased to announce that my wonderful publisher (have I mentioned lately how much I love them?) is making twenty-five (yes! 25) copies of  The Sister Queens available for a giveaway over at Goodreads!  The contest started today (November 3rd) and runs to December 3rd.

So if you are one of the folks who (so kindly) have told me that you just cannot wait for my debut to hit shelves in March, now is your chance to score a copy before the novel’s release date.  Make that a free copy – which is even better right?

If any of the lucky winners are readers of this blog I will throw in a little something extra.  Use the contact form at my author website to send me the good news (plus your address) and I will mail you a signed bookplate to put inside your copy.

Best of luck!


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