5 out of 5 Apples for The Sister Queens!

The Sister Queens just received five apples from Debbie’s Book Bag!  I am thrilled and feeling a bit of the teacher’s pet at the moment.  Here are some highlights from Debbie’s review:

In The Sister Queens, Perinot writes with rich flavor and attention to the smallest of details. She brings to life the reigns of both Henry III and Louis IX and the women who loved them. This both takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level and shows the bonds that exist between sisters despite being separated by miles and country boundaries. Historical fiction fans can’t afford to miss this dynamic debut novel by a strong new voice in the genre


This book shows impeccable research and the ability to put those details to good use. To bring out the most important things and know what to leave out. Perinot’s descriptions of court life were vivid and riveting. Her portrayal of the crusades and their brutality was gripping. This is one of the few historical fiction stories that I’ve read lately that I would consider a page turner.


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