My First Podcast: Have A Listen!

How long have I known Mindy McInnis, Edgar Award-winning author of YA fiction? Too long for me to fess up. But let’s just say we knew each other before we were agented let alone published!

Mindy runs an awesome  blog for aspiring writers called Writer, Writer Pants on Fire, and a pod-cast of the same name which features interviews established authors taking about the nitty-gritty of the road to publication. TODAY I AM HONORED TO BE HER FIRST “ADULT” AUTHOR ON THE PODCAST (though I am not sure the label adult is entirely apt for me 100% of the time).

Interested in how I landed my agent, what my submission process was really like, why I tend to hop around from era to era when writing? Have a listen!!!

Pants on Fire

Confessions of a Closet “Description Minimalist

Today my blog travels take me to Just One More Paragraph where I confess (oh heresy) that too much description in a historical novel (even of very lovely gowns) causes my eyes to glaze over.  How about you?

Come over, read my viewpoint on the effective uses of descriptive language in historical writing, and share yours.  While you’re there enter to win a copy of The Sister Queens.


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