The Shit Hits The Fan – What a Way to Start a Blog Tour

Two weeks until The Sister Queens’ publication date!!!

Today I officially dip my toe into the blogosphere in support of the launch of my debut.  Over the next weeks it will be hard to avoid me in the virtual world, as many gracious bloggers open up their personal space to me.

First up, a visit with my dear friend and fellow book-preggo Mindy McGinnis at her blog Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire.  And right out of the starting gate (as anyone who knows Mindy would expect) the SHIT has hit the fan.  To wit, Mindy subjects me to one of her “SHIT (Submission Hell – It’s True)” interviews.  Please drop by and find out about my personal journey on the way to securing my book deal.  My advice for those going out submission – never say yes (to an agent or a publisher) just to say yes, and keep lots of chocolate handy.


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