Calling All New England Sister Queens Spotters

My map of the USA is filling up (and so is my collage) as kind friends and readers snap and send pictures of The Sister Queens from various locations around the nation.  New York leads the tally with pictures from all over the state (but oddly not Manhattan, publishing central).  I have photos of The Sister Queens with adorable children, crazy friends, B&N workers, and even with a Tennessee spring field in the background.  Thanks to all the spotters who have contacted me so far.

I am eager to finish up New England.  So, I am going to make things a little interesting.  I have these lovely bookplates (which I distribute to book clubs I visit virtually) and I will sign and send one each to the first people to spot, snap and send photographs of The Sister Queens from Maine ,Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Just post a comment below letting me know you’ve spotted The Sister Queens (and where) or use the contact form here at the website.  I’ll let you know how to get your photo to me and you can let me know where you want your bookplate mailed.


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