The Sister Queens at Barnes and Noble (dot) com

Barnes and Noble is the latest addition to a growing list of vendors accepting pre-orders for The Sister Queens.  So, those of you who are B&N members and have been patiently waiting to be able to use your free express shipping – wait no longer 🙂

The Sister Queens Now Available for Pre-Order at The Book Depository (UK)

Just in case you live on Guernsey in the English Channel (or for that matter anywhere in the UK as they are the UK’s largest dedicated online bookseller with the largest range of titles in the world) I am happy to say The Book Depository now has The Sister Queens for pre-order. Their website tells me (and I am willing to believe it as I have no inclination to count the days myself) that I am now 224 days from my launch day!

But seriously, you do not need to live in the UK to order The Sister Queens (or any other title) from the Book Depository.  They ship FREE to an amazing number of countries through out the world.


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