A Happy One-Week Anniversary for The Sister Queens

What better way to celebrate the one-week anniversary of The Sister Queens launch than with a trio of marvelous reviews for the novel!

The first review comes from Jessie at Ageless Pages Reviews, who says:

This is the type of book I am constantly looking for in the historical fiction genre, and rarely seem to stumble across; it’s very engaging from the outset, it’s lively to read with actualized characters in stead of cardboard historical cutouts, and it’s mostly, somewhat accurate. Sophie Perinot may indeed be a first-time author, but you certainly wouldn’t know that from reading her debut novel.

Jessie notes that:

One of the most enjoyable aspects of The Sister Queens is that no matter how convoluted the relationship, how twisted the tale, how unfamiliar the person at Court, Sophie Perinot never talks down to her readers.

 and concludes with a call for a sequel (I’d SO love to do one) declaring:

This was a wonderful read and one of my favorites so far this year. Move over Tudors, I think I have a new historical royal family obsession

The second review is from The Owl Bookmark, where Siobian awards The Sister Queens 4.5 owls (= “marvelous”).  She declares:

this is a novel that I quickly lost myself in.  It was written beautifully and Perinot does an amazing job of bringing these two characters to life.  The sisters were well balanced in their personalities and I found myself vacillating between admiration and favor of one sister to the other sister and then back again as I progressed in the story.

Siobian ends her review with this strong recommendation:

It was a wonderful book and I cannot recommend it enough because of its realistic characters and the historical setting that it was obvious Perinot took years researching to create.

Finally, at Romance Dish, Janga praises the novel for revealing:

the hearts of these two women—their memories of Provence and family ties, the concerns they have for their own children, and the struggles each faces as the dreams of girlhood are replaced by the realities of womanhood. Connecting all these things are the strands of jealousy, competition, forgiveness, loyalty, and abiding love that make up the bond of sisterhood.

and concludes by saying:

If you are a reader of historical fiction or a fan of Medieval romance, I highly recommend The Sister Queens. If you are neither but enjoy stories about the many relationships that define a woman, you may find more to like here than you expect.


Thank you ladies!  You’ve made my one-week anniversary very special indeed.  Thanks also to readers and fans who have been following my blog tour and who purchased The Sister Queens in its release week.  I am collecting photos of “sister queens spottings.”  So if you see the book in the wild (or in a bookstore) please snap a picture and contact me.



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