Celebrating THE SISTER QUEENS Twenty-Fifth On-Line Review

By my count this lovely review of The Sister Queens from Kathy at Bags, Books & Bon Jovi marks the TWENTY-FIFTH on-line review received by the novel.  Twenty-five is a milestone.

I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every member of the virtual-world book community who took the time to read my debut and share their thoughts on it.  I am grateful.  I am humbled.  And in many cases I was very moved.

As for Kathy, she believes The Sister Queens would make a “fascinating choice” for book clubs and says:

There is just so much drama and intrigue and it can be told from so many perspectives… and reading such a novel told from two sisters’ points of view is refreshing and, honestly, a little unexpected. I did not realize, when I was offered this novel for review, that it would be such an intimate tale.”

If you have missed any of what has been said about The Sister Queens, the “Reviews” blog post category should bring up a complete (or nearly complete) list of links as well as some highlights.


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