Reviews Update: A Thank You for all the Holiday Season Notice!

The best presents of this recent holiday season were not wrapped beneath my tree. They came instead as enthusiastic endorsements from book bloggers and kind words from readers.  Five weeks out from release and one week into the New Year Médicis Daughter has racked up so many lovely thoughtful reviews.

I squealed like a three year-old confronted with a stack of presents taller than myself when Médicis Daughter was selected by Goodreads as one of the “Best Books of the Month: December 2015,” and featured in its reader newsletter.  I felt a profound appreciation for the 50+ customers on Amazon who took the time to share their thoughts (and with 50% of those reviewers giving the book 5-stars). And as for the bloggers . . . well let’s just say their praise and recommendations will spur me on as I work on “what’s next.”

Here is a sampling of what they had to say:

I’ve been beyond excited to post this review because I absolutely loved this book. It is most definitely one of my favourite reads this year.” ~With Her Nose Stuck in a Book


The way that Perinot describes the court makes the reader feel like they are right there, and the historic characters are well written and true to their forms for the period and what history tells us of these characters.” ~The Lit Bitch


Perinot excels at illustrating the nuances of interpersonal relationships, and those she depicts – and their transformations over time – are worth beholding.” ~Reading the Past


Historical fiction has always been my favorite genre to read and with authors like Sophie Perinot, it continues to be my favorite. I give it five stars!” ~The Celtic Lady


This is a story you won’t want to end, as you follow a determined princess on a journey of self-discovery that concludes with her decision to follow her heart or her mind. One choice leads to the life she’s always wanted; the other provides a freedom she never knew she needed.” ~Chick Lit Plus


I was seriously due for a great read after dealing with the past couple months of craziness in my life, and a great read is exactly what author Sophie Perinot provided! ~Historical Fiction Obsession


I was drawn in from the first page” ~Literate Housewife [Great Reads of 2015]


Ms. Perinot has delivered a beautiful blend of history with an intriguing story line that escalates and consistently gains momentum with the turn of each page.” ~Feathered Quill Reviews


I hope that Sophie gets the recognition she deserves for this amazingly told story.” ~Bookish Lifestyle

I can honestly say Bookish Lifestyle, sentences like that are the best kind of recognition there is! So thank you to the blogging and reading communities. Thank you for finding Médicis Daughter on over-crowded shelves, and for taking Marguerite de Valois and me into your homes and hearts!

thank you

Christmas Came Early for Me!

It’s been a great week in reviews for MÉDICIS DAUGHTER!!!

First it made the Goodreads Best Books of the Month: December 2015 and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Then the love just kept on coming. You might even say Christmas came early for me:

a top ten for 2015, and I have no doubt I’ll be haunted by this one for a long while. ~Unabridged Chick

. . . this is a tale of overcoming obstacles and fighting for your place in the world. There is plenty of romance, drama, and political intrigue to keep even the most reluctant historical fiction reader entertained. ~Reading Lark

If you love historical fiction, or know someone that does, add this one to you Winter reading list- it’s perfect for curling up by the fire with! ~Bless Their Hearts Mom

I couldn’t put down. And when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. ~The Readers Hollow

Soaring, fascinating… this book has it all. ~Long and Short Reviews

It’s about time! Time to give the Tudors some competition. Time to show that the history of sixteenth century France is just as, if not more, gripping than that of Henry’s and Elizabeth’s England. In MÉDICIS DAUGHTER (St. Martin’s Press), Sophie Perinot rises to the challenge, offering a glimpse into the spectacular, turbulent years of the waning Valois dynasty. ~Writing the Renaissance

Rich with intrigue, rivalry and passion, Médicis Daughter is not to be missed. ~Flashlight Commentary

So, if you know someone who loves historical fiction, is sucked into dysfunctional family drama, or is fascinated by royal intrigue, Médicis Daughter might just make the perfect holiday gift!

chenonceau in the snow

Fans Matter

Fans matter. I know I’ve said this before, but I am saying it again.

First and foremost you bring the characters to life.  True, I write them, but if characters speak or acts on a page but nobody reads it they remain vision, vapor, not living and breathing flesh. Writing is solitary enough in the doing, the thought of the results going unread—that would turn solitude into loneliness. So THANK YOU for not letting that happen to my words.

But if fans provide a reason to write they also give writers the ability to continue. Because this is a business, make no mistake about that. Our publishers are not just putting our books out there on charitable impulse. We measure up to whatever their goals for us are, or they move on. So when fans do a few simple things they support us in important ways.  What simple things? Ha, aren’t you glad I asked for you?

1) Add the books of your favorite authors to your goodreads TBR pile. This is one click.  Please click. Here is the link for Médicis Daughter

2) If you want to wait to pick up a book at a library that’s great. My first paid job was shelving non-fiction books at my local library. I love libraries. If, however, you are inclined to buy a book and you have the means to do so, pre-orders or purchases immediately after a book releases pack a whallop.  Here’s my famous (infamous) blog on that subject.

3) Review. It doesn’t have to be two paragraphs. It can be two lines. You don’t need to post everywhere. But sharing what you thought of my work—or any author’s work—at a couple of locations if you have an on-line presence . . . no greater gift my friends.

4) Recommend. Readers talk books. We can’t help it. And we should not try to. Word of mouth remains the most powerful tool for helping good books to do well. Reader enthusiasm is contagious. So mention books you like to other bibliophiles. Your author friends will bless you.

For The First Time Ever You Can WIN a Copy of The Sister Queens

I am pleased to announce that my wonderful publisher (have I mentioned lately how much I love them?) is making twenty-five (yes! 25) copies of  The Sister Queens available for a giveaway over at Goodreads!  The contest started today (November 3rd) and runs to December 3rd.

So if you are one of the folks who (so kindly) have told me that you just cannot wait for my debut to hit shelves in March, now is your chance to score a copy before the novel’s release date.  Make that a free copy – which is even better right?

If any of the lucky winners are readers of this blog I will throw in a little something extra.  Use the contact form at my author website to send me the good news (plus your address) and I will mail you a signed bookplate to put inside your copy.

Best of luck!


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