There Are Now TWO of Me

There are now officially TWO of me—and there have been since last month when my debut crime novel And by Fire, written as Evie Hawtrey, hit shelves everywhere.  Evie may write mystery, but she hasn’t abandoned history. And by Fire features a mystery set in 1666 London before, during and after the Great Fire as one of the book’s two timelines.

So why the genre jump? I sat down with fellow historical novelist Anne Easter Smith and did an interview for the Historical Novel Society discussing just that. You can read it here.

And when you are done, may I suggest you pick up a copy of And by Fire, meet the new me and more importantly Lady Margaret Dove—a woman of science in a time when there was no such thing and a Lady-in-Waiting to England’s queen, who goes looking for a friend disappeared as London burned and finds devilry and murder.


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