RIBBONS OF SCARLET Book-Club Bonus Materials Are Here!!!

Do you adore historical fiction about strong women? Are you a book club member (perhaps in a club full of strong women)? When making your fall and winter reading selections I urge you to consider Ribbons of Scarlet!

Not only is it a timely story about the power of women to start a Revolution and change the world . . . we have a treasure-trove of supplemental materials for book club readers!!!

book club supplement

Yes indeed, our marvelous publisher has created a Ribbons of Scarlet book club supplement complete with deleted scenes—including one from my chapter THE PRINCESS about the King’s sister Madame Élisabeth—some menus ideas rooted in the gastronomy of 18th century France, humorous insights into our collaborative process, and of course cocktail choices based on your Revolutionary politics.

I will give you one guess who was the team’s cocktail creator. That’s right mes amis – moi, moi-même! I may not be a professional mixologist, but I did my reading and I am certainly a cocktail enthusiast. After crafting several versions of my Philosophe and Aristo I assembled my (eager) family as taste-testers. So check out the supplement, give the drinks a try and PLEASE let me know which is your favorite!

Oh and just so you don’t have to feel even the slightest bit guilty—I made sure to write a nice little article on the links between the Revolution and alcohol. Did you know, for example, that even as the Bastille was being stormed so were the Paris Custom Gates because the tax on wine was a VERY contentious issue!

Download your copy of the Book Club Supplement today


 then read up and drink up! À Votre Santé!

Because Books, Book Clubs and Cocktails GO Together . . . .

⚜  At LAST the moment we’ve all (or many of us) have been waiting for . . . . The COCKTAIL RECIPES to accompany RIBBONS OF SCARLET are live!!!

I personally designed these drinks for the marvelous Morrow Book Club supplement (which when full assembled will also include deleted scenes from Ribbons of Scarlet that you won’t find elsewhere).  Let’s just say my co-authors know and appreciate my talents 😉

The Philosophe
The Philosophe

The cocktail recipes were created with help from my very patient panel of taste-testers (read “family”). Yes, they did all the hard labor and now all you have to do is decide if you are a pike wielding revolutionary, a fire-side sitting philosopher, or a royalist committed to the Ancien Régime and, Voila, we have the perfect cocktail for you to sip as you read Ribbons of Scarlet. But lest you think this is all frivolity, I’ve not stinted on the history—the guide includes a discussion of how alcohol and the French Revolution entwined (you knew they had to because during the revolution EVERYTHING became political).

The Aristo
The Aristo

So GATHER YOUR BOOK CLUB, mix a drink (or try them all), then let me know what you think!!! ⚜ ⚜

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The Revolutionary
The Revolutionary

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