A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words . . .

In the last few days, as I gear up for all the pre-release madness for Médicis Daughter, some wonderful images representing the book have been created.  Wanted to share them with you all.  I just love <3 them!!!  I also wanted to remind everyone that pre-orders are the gift that keeps on giving from an author’s point of view.  If you already know that you are going to be snapping up Médicis Daughter as soon as it hits shelves, please consider pre-ordering from your favorite source (B&N, Indiebound, Amazon . . . wherever you like best)!  Because not all sales are  reated equa–even if they are sales of the same title, in the same format for the same price 

 In the hierarchy of power purchases the pre-order is the heavy hitter. Why? Because print runs (the number of books initially printed) for books coming out in hardback or paperback are set, in part, based on a title’s pre-order numbers, and how much support a book will get from booksellers is also heavily influenced by whether they perceive there is an enthusiastic audience for the title.


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