Today I am chatting with the marvelous Erin at Oh for the Hook of a Book.  She had some very unique questions for me, including whether the Christian undertones in my novel were intentional. 

Erin also reviews The Sister Queens, saying it is:

 one to mark down for the greatest of novels list and reads visually as a theatrical movie


I won’t keep you in suspense; quotes from these authors embody guiding principals of my life.  I share them (along with several other favorite quotes)  in an interview at Layered Pages today.  I also discuss why I find Louis IX of France even less likeable than his harridan of a mother, Blanch of Castile.  Please stop by, Stephanie asked some excellent questions!

Another double-dip day for me in blog-land my friends. 

First, I discuss how The Sister Queen’s focus on how sisters shape each other makes it very personal in an interview with Kathleen at Celtic Lady’s Reviews. Kathleen and I also chat about how I got interested in writing historical fiction and what my typical writing day looks like.

Then, The Sister Queens is reviewed at Luxury Reading (“I found myself sucked into the story and could not put the book down”).

Generally I take a blogging break on weekends, but I just had to make an exception for a visit with Lisa Yarde at Unusual Historicals.  Lisa and I met several years ago at a Historical Novel Society Conference and have been friends since.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Savoyards (Marguerite and Eleanor’s powerful relations on their mother’s side), or you’re curious about the creative passion I pursue when I am not writing, put down your Sunday paper, pour yourself a mug of coffee and stop by.

I am happy to be back at the Pittsburgh Historical Fiction Examiner today as part of Kayla’s “10 Question” series. So, if you’ve ever had a pressing desire to know which five people from history I’d like to host at a dinner party, or what I drink when writing (no – not cocktails), now is your chance to find out.

Or, if you are interested in learning more about the inspiration for my debut novel, The Sister Queens, and the amazing women at my story’s heart (Marguerite and Eleanor of Provence), I did this earlier interview at The Examiner on those topics.

Today I am delighted to be a guest at Pittsburgh Historical Fiction Examiner.  A special thank you to Kayla for inviting me to follow in the virtual footsteps of such historical fiction favorites as C.W. Gortner, Juliet Grey, Donna Russo Morin, Gillian Bagwell and Christy English.  I am also grateful for Kayla’s insightful interview questions and hope you (oh faithful blog readers) will enjoy them as well.

Today I am the subject of an interview over at Dawn G. Sparrow’s Write Away.  Dawn is a friend from AQConnect and in addition to the usual “author questions,” she throws in a few zingers.  Come on over and find out something nobody knew about me . . . until now.

Jul 162011

I am pleased to announce my debut author interview is now posted at The Write Time.  Fellow writer Dean C. Rich asked excellent questions,  so please drop by if you’re curious about things like when I write, or where I got the story idea for The Sister Queens.