Oct 092011

I have a certain weakness for cats – well, I don’t consider it a “weakness,” but my husband most definitely does.  Having lost my beloved Siamese nearly a year ago, I currently live with two senior-felines, both of whom believe that I “live to serve” (them, of course).  Perhaps that is why this cartoon resonated with me.

And to think, only this weekend my son asked me who invented the zipper. I am quite certain this is not this historically correct answer but it is funny as heck.

“Stone was all my old dad ever needed. . .”

Don’t we all feel like this sometimes?  I mean when my laptop was last in the shop for a couple of days I felt a certain nostalgia for the selectric typewriter that sat on my mother’s desk when I was growing up.


Forget the Sharks and the Jets, the Roundheads and the Royalists are ready to rumble.


Everybody mispronounces a word or uses a malapropism now and again (well, not again in this scenario).  Lighten up people.

Oh, and have a marvelous Labor Day weekend!


Here is a touch of historical humor as we head into the weekend.  Those of us on the east coast in particular could use a little levity as Irene bears down on us with all her predicted damage and inconvenience.  So have a laugh or two before the power goes out.  I do believe Jane Austen herself would get a chuckle out of this one.

“If I did that there’d be nothing but a bunch of necks working at the DMV” — truer words than that have never been spoke