One day after release of The Sister Queens I am offering absolution to those who don’t find it their cup of tea.   Come on over to A Bookish Affair and receive official permission to love me but not my book. 

And speaking of loving me . . .  pop over to Between the Sheets for your daily dose of Sophie facts.  I share with Heather my advice for aspiring authors, and explain why I am a character junkie.

2 Responses to “What If You Don’t Like It?”

  1. Very gracious of you to offer absolution…and in my case, totally unnecessary.

    I’m absolutely loving the novel. I don’t usually like first person present tense narration, because it is so difficult to do without being distracting. In fact, the first novels I actually enjoyed in that voice were The Hunger Games novels.

    The Sister Queens gripped me so quickly that it took me three chapters to realize you were writing in first-person present – I actually got up and told my husband “you won’t believe this!” and then related that to him. He looked at me like I’d gone a bit round the bend (this is normal) and said “That means it’s good, right?”

    I’m really, really loving the story. I intended to finish it last night, but at 3am with about 100 pages to go I decided I didn’t want to rush through the ending, and since I had client meetings today I had to get some sleep. Guess what I’m doing as soon as I get home though?

    • I am thrilled you are enjoying it. To be honest I don’t normally read in first person present-tense either but when the voices for this novel popped into my head that’s the way they were speaking. I know better than to cross a pair of powerful women who want their story told a certain way 🙂

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